FOOD RELIEF PROGRAM 2021 - Preparation

 01st of June 2021, Khammam. More than one year past from the first case of COVID-19 and India is currently facing a third wave. With the pick of more than 450.000 new cases per day India is struggling to give assistance: intensive care departments are full, oxygen bottles are hard to find and the death rate is increased. Central Government left each Federal State deal with COVID-19 prevention measure and Telangana declared a new lockdown in the 12th of May, then renewed until at lest 10th of June. This new lockdown affect in particular rural people who are unable to work and to earn the necessary to support their families. 

Thus Arbor India, in cooperation with SEMI Onlus, decided to repeat, with some readjustment, the Food Relief Program carried out last year. Arbor and SEMI will distribute a food package composed by 5kg of rise, 1kg of lentils, 1kg of cooking oil and one face mask, rare commodity in the rural areas. Beneficiaries of those packages are 400 families selected in 8 villages. In particular the program wants to support families with positives cases, in quarantine, or who had losses because of the virus. Considering the number of cases local staff selected this 8 villages: Nellipaka, Sarapaka, Bonakal, Wyra, Eddula Bayyaram, Enkoor, Madhira and Aswapuram. 

Arbor local staff is collecting all the goods to start the distributions.