18th of August 2021, Khammam. After Sr. Noel resignation in March 2021 Arbor faced a long and complicated transitional period which saw Sr. Manju as Program Director ad interim. 

With the second wave of COVID-19 cases and the new sisters assignment only few days ago the Board of Director could meet to elect the new Program Director and substitute Sr. Pauline. Board members agreed to nominate Sr. Shanti as new Chief Coordinator and welcomed Sr. Sheeba as new Accounting Officer.

Paul Maipan, Bishop of Khammam, and Arbor Switzerland have accepted Board decision and welcomed the new staff. 

Moreover Arbor wants to thank Sr Pauline for her commitment, time and efforts. Arbor family wishes her all the best for her new assignment. Also Arbor acknowledges and thanks Sr. Manju for last months work and welcomes her in her new task of Field Coordinator.


FOOD RELIEF PROGRAM 2021: conclusion

 5th of June 2021, Khammam. The food emergency program ended last week after covering 8 villages in the Khammam and Badhradhri Kothagudem districts. 400 families received our parcels. 

On Monday 14th of June our local staff went to Eddula Bayyaram area, a heavily affected tribal area. Many  selected families were in quarantine, so food packages were left on the houses doorsteps, thus avoiding any risk of contagion for our operators.

On Thursday 17th of June it was Madhira turn, a village few kilometres south Khammam, also heavily affected. On Wednesday 23rd, our staff went to Wyra, also located in Khammam district, while on Thursday 24th of June the distribution moved to Enkoor area.

In the end, on 25th and 26th of June, our staff covered the areas of Bonakal and Aswapuram where, in addition to families in quarantine, particular attention had been paid to people with disabilities.

We conclude with a positive note since on 23rd of June Telangana State has suspended the lockdown. The epidemic situation is improving everywhere: people is starting to return to normal life. Although schools keep close with only online classes, coolie workers have returned to the fields as well as shops and offices returned to their usual activities.

FOOD RELIEF PROGRAM 2021: First Distribution

 18th of June 2021, Khammam. Last week stated the food parcel distributions, part of our food emergency program in response to the difficult health situation India is facing.

On Thursday 10th June our staff, together with local staff of SEMI Onlus, carried out a door-to-door delivery in the village of Sarapaka. The families selected were those most in difficulty, with fewer resources and infected by coronavirus.

Friday 11th of June the distribution was made in Nellipaka, a village located between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, in the tribal area. Here COVID-19 has hit hard and in some communities, as Lakshmipuram, all inhabitants have tested positive.

On Monday 14th of June 14 the staff moved to another tribal area, also heavily affected: Eddula Bayyaram. Also in this case the aid was welcomed with great joy by the families who, albeit for a short period, can take a breath. 

Last, yesterday, June 17, the distribution moved to Khammam district, in the village of Madhira, currently "red zone" due to the high number of registered cases.

In each village 50 families received a food package containing 5kg of rice, 1kg of lentils. 1kg of oil and two masks (one surgical and one cloth).

In the photos: distribution in Sarapaka, Nellipaka, Eddula Bayyaram and Madhira.


FOOD RELIEF PROGRAM 2021 - Preparation

 01st of June 2021, Khammam. More than one year past from the first case of COVID-19 and India is currently facing a third wave. With the pick of more than 450.000 new cases per day India is struggling to give assistance: intensive care departments are full, oxygen bottles are hard to find and the death rate is increased. Central Government left each Federal State deal with COVID-19 prevention measure and Telangana declared a new lockdown in the 12th of May, then renewed until at lest 10th of June. This new lockdown affect in particular rural people who are unable to work and to earn the necessary to support their families. 

Thus Arbor India, in cooperation with SEMI Onlus, decided to repeat, with some readjustment, the Food Relief Program carried out last year. Arbor and SEMI will distribute a food package composed by 5kg of rise, 1kg of lentils, 1kg of cooking oil and one face mask, rare commodity in the rural areas. Beneficiaries of those packages are 400 families selected in 8 villages. In particular the program wants to support families with positives cases, in quarantine, or who had losses because of the virus. Considering the number of cases local staff selected this 8 villages: Nellipaka, Sarapaka, Bonakal, Wyra, Eddula Bayyaram, Enkoor, Madhira and Aswapuram. 

Arbor local staff is collecting all the goods to start the distributions.



 Nellipaka 8th of March, 2021:  Despite the pandemic situation and the pessimism that is soaking our daily life Arbor India staff decided to celebrate Women's Day. 

This year the main celebration was organized in Nellipaka, located in the north-east of Bhadradri Kothagudem District, on the border with Odisha State.

Respecting the rules imposed by India Government the gather involved only few groups, tough the air has been filled up with smiles, laughter, dances, music and songs. 


From late December 2020 Khammam Social Service Society (known also as Caritas Khammam) has started a new awareness campaign centered on cancer prevention and early recognition. 
Arbor India is honored to collaborate in this program offering support and space. After a proper formation Arbor animators and coordinators are dedicating part of the January and February monthly meeting to this topic, with the commitment to often go back on the topic. 

Local press reported also the event. 


 Naidupet, 17th of November 2020.

Today at the presence of the Bishop of Khammam, Most Rev. Maipan Paul, the new office of Arbor India has been inaugurated. 

The ceremony has been intimate in order to respect Governmental regulations. Only some Animators and Coordinators coming from nearest villages participated.

The opening of the new office see the closure of the one in Khammam city and the shift of Karunagiri archives. In doing so Arbor central staff will work together in the same place, reducing the problems connected to miscommunication and improving cooperation. 

Karunagiri Training Center remains in operation to host larger staff meeting and training, as well as to host our expats. 


 The current situation in India is still complicated. Many positive cases are found everyday. However, fortunately, according to the last WHO (World Health Organization) published data the recovering rate in Telangana is around 83%, one percentage point up to the national average. In India are registered 5.992.532 positive swabs: 94.503 have perished, around 4 millions are cured. 

Despite the general condition Indians haven't let desperation overcome. They have adapted to the circumstances with great strength and resilience finding a way to keep living and working.

Also Arbor staff followed this positive wave and since October we started again the monthly meeting following the approach "less groups, more meeting days", respecting  distancing and and imposing personal protecting equipment (face masks and hand sanitizer). 

Advance Day, when the loan is distributed, are also continuing. 

Pictures: Advance Day in Madira on 5th of September 2020 and in Sarapaka on 6th of September 2020.