The current situation in India is still complicated. Many positive cases are found everyday. However, fortunately, according to the last WHO (World Health Organization) published data the recovering rate in Telangana is around 83%, one percentage point up to the national average. In India are registered 5.992.532 positive swabs: 94.503 have perished, around 4 millions are cured. 

Despite the general condition Indians haven't let desperation overcome. They have adapted to the circumstances with great strength and resilience finding a way to keep living and working.

Also Arbor staff followed this positive wave and since October we started again the monthly meeting following the approach "less groups, more meeting days", respecting  distancing and and imposing personal protecting equipment (face masks and hand sanitizer). 

Advance Day, when the loan is distributed, are also continuing. 

Pictures: Advance Day in Madira on 5th of September 2020 and in Sarapaka on 6th of September 2020.