Tomorrow morning our former Program Director, Sr. Daisy, will leave her community in Khammam to start her retired life in a new place in Andhra Pradesh.
All Arbor staff and Arbor Switzerland greet her and warmly thanked her for all her dedication, commitment and work.

In this occasion we want to pubblish this short letter Sr Daisy wrote:

My service in Arbor India
In June 2006 I joint Arbor India as per the instructions of our Bishop prior to that I was entrusted with selection of deserving poor boys and girls for sponsorship to complete their high school studies by getting them admitted in the diocesan residential school.  I served as the regional secretary of APBC (Andhra Pradesh Bishop’s Conference) which is the branch of Catholic Bishop’s conference India, commission for women for 5 years. I was also Khammam diocesan member for conference of Catholic women of India.
          1998 our Bishop who is well equipped and experienced in the practice of allopathy Homeopathy and Naturopathy spared no time to organise a team of doctors, nurses and medical technicians  to reach out to interior villages for medical check up and supply of medicines. To improve the quality of general health and eradication of TB periodical medical check up were organised in collaboration with government and private doctors. I was appointed as the chief coordinator of this mobile clinic. 
          In addition to this programme our Bishop supported illiterate, poor and rural women to qualify them in tailoring to occupy with self employment in their own villages. More than 25 mobile training centres or training the women in tailoring and embroidery in different parts of district.  It was at this moment in 2006 Mr. Luca made a surprise visit to our Bishop requesting for permission to start with rural women development of women and children.  The long dialogue and open discussion between Luca and Bishop became a guiding force for planning and implementing the women development programme. 16 Sisters and 30 health workers who were the staff of mobile clinic was entrusted with the women development programme including the health programme. Thus the part time job holders of mobile clinic became full time job holders by establishing Arbor charitable foundation which became one and the same programme of health and development.
          Directors of social work, legal experts medical team and literacy programme conducted intensive training programme for all the sisters and the health workers who became the animators of the Arbor Charitable Foundation. There frequent visits to villages with the mobile clinic created strong relationship with villages
          Mr. Luca was trying to introduce small savings programme as an entry programme to the villages and thus there was lot of exchange of ideas views and bond of unity among the local government private sectors and Arbor. Today if Arbor has grown from its small plant grown as a big tree it is because the bond of love understanding relationship and financial assistance by the Arbor Switzerland. The first year we had only 150 groups in the Arbor programme today we have 800 groups spread from 50 kilometres to 250kilometrs far.

                                        Challenges of Arbor
“No thorns, no roses” Problems, difficulties, misunderstanding above all national and international challenges became part of the growth of Arbor. Customs, culture casts and multiplicity of religions were challenges of this international programme. There is a great need to learn and grow the worth of helping the poor at the same time the need to know more about intercultural realities. The poor should not be targeted for more problems but compassionate sympathetic of their misery. Happy are we when we are gifted with many kinds of comforts, consolation and financial status but when we are confronted with above mentioned realities of life we need to go deep down. Where are we? How are we? And why are we taking in the trouble to help the poorest of the poor? Let us ponder on this reality and God alone give answer.