The Arbor activity at village level is involved in training and guiding the village people to organize themselves in group activities and cooperative work. Professional training is provided to the members, guidelines and legal support are guaranteed for the launch of new cooperatives and self employment initiatives. Talents of the people are stimulated to realize the human potentiality.
The following Arbor cooperatives are actually active and self sustained by the work of the registered members:

- Karunayama Welfare Society - Khammam
 (textile and tailoring centre)

- Arbor self employment tailoring center - Warangal
 (tailoring centre)

- Arbor Bio Ayurvedic Plantation and Production - Naidupet
 (herbal medicines and natural healing)

- Pio Arbor Dairy Farm - Karunagiri
 (dairy production)

- Arbor Centre For Training Tailoring - Yerrupalem
 (tailoring centre)

- Arbor Centre For Training - Sarapaka
  (basic training on cutting, stitching and texture painting)