Field programs are conducted at community level following the gandhian approach of self development trough the community based organization.
Implemented plans are defined with local representatives, chief of the villages and community leaders, representatives of every caste and religion are involved in the process.
The staff working in every village is selected exclusively between the inhabitants of the area and approved by all the community.
Self help groups and community forum are at the basis of every initiative and are always conducted with local contributions and in cooperation with the native customs and respect for traditions, indigenous values and beliefs.
The Arbor staff participates actively to the public life and is engaged in creating bridges with the local organizations and programs. Whenever it is possible Arbor acts to permit to the villages to reach the government plans, to eradicate the corruption and misuse of public funds and assists the local authorities, surpanch  and leaders to collaborate with the district officials facilitating the correct implementation of the development programs.