Arbor Charitable Foundation India is a humanitarian non profit charitable organization based in India and registered under the Indian law with a public act of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Its aim is contributing to the eradication of poverty in all its aspects and acting in a participating sustainable manner for the preservation of human dignity facilitating growth trough a community approach and gandhian economy philosophy.

Centers are located in different areas of India under the management of local village teams. The beneficiary villages are selected in the whole territory trough a poverty criteria strict selection.

Underdeveloped areas are scrutinized for a complete survey of the socio-economic situation in partnership with the local authorities and with the collaboration of the chiefs of the villages and the charismatic leaders.
Tribal areas and scheduled casts are favourites and the most neglected castes are considered with particular attention.
Isolated villages and rural areas are occupying almost 85% of the entire program and women and weak categories are the main beneficiaries.