The training of the whole staff working in the Arbor Program is held principally at Arbor regional centers for an initial period of 3 months in an intensive full-time coaching. Both theoretical and practical classes are taken at office and field level.
The implemented subjects are the following:

- moral leadership
- role of women in the society
- agents of change
- general knowledge
- accounting
- community based organization
- adult literacy
- hygiene and health awareness
- environmental education
- legal aspects
- government programs and civic education
- alcoholism and drug addiction
- HIV and AIDS prevention
- weak categories - widows, orphans, old and destitute
- self motivation and poverty criteria
- children education and child labor
- the cooperatives and group organization
- book keeping and recording
- income generating activities

Every month all the staff receives a 3 days training and motivation program under the guide of Arbor directors and external partners such as universities, psychologists and specialized institutions.