Arbor is implementing a vast health program, reaching all the villages with mobile medical clinics and medical staffs including doctors, paramedics, holistic and ayurvedic specialists.
Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and endemic sicknesses are scrutinized, identified, monitorized and  treated, medicins and vitamins integrations are provided free of cost at the village level.
A selected separate staff is responsible of the health and hygiene awareness of the people and of the prevention program for the most common diseases and infections.

Arbor has been selected buy WHO (World Health Organisation) in Andhra Pradesh for implementing the recommended national DOTs program for the eradication of Tubercolosis. The objectives of the program in accordance with the RNTCP (Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme) are:
- To achieve and maintain at least 85% cure rate amongst New Smear Positive (NSP) pulmonary TB cases.
- To achieve and maintain at least 70% detection of such cases.


07th Naidupet
08th Naidupet
09th Naidupet
10th Vemsuru
11th Ponnekal
12th Yerrupalem
13th Karepalli
14th Bosconagar
15th Naidupet
16th Bonakal
17th Kothalingala
18th Madhira
19th Chinnakorukondi/Kummaveli
21st Sarapaka/Badrachalam
22nd Bayyaram
24th Papatapalli
25th Naiupet
26th Ragudhapalem
27th Danavaigudem
28th Naidupet
29th Cheruvumadaram