LAST DISTRIBUTIONS: first emergency project is over

June 3rd 2020, Enkoor and Thimmaraopet. Last food distribution was made in the center of Enkoor and Thimmaraopet. One hundred families received Arbor food package containing 5kg of rice, 1 kg of dhal and 1 kg of cooking oil.

With those actions this first emergency project reaches the end. Unfortunately the planned distribution in Mudigonda is now not possible since the area has been declared “red zone” due to the high number of COVID-19 cases.
New actions and adaptation of existing programs are in process of definition. Arbor India keeps monitoring the situation and is adjusting its intervention and plans according governmental rules and supervising health safety of its staff members and beneficiaries. In the next weeks, when the unlock phase I will be fully in practice it will be easier to collect data and better outline the complexity of the situation.  

Distribution in Enkoor:

Distribution in Thimmaraopet: