18th of August 2021, Khammam. After Sr. Noel resignation in March 2021 Arbor faced a long and complicated transitional period which saw Sr. Manju as Program Director ad interim. 

With the second wave of COVID-19 cases and the new sisters assignment only few days ago the Board of Director could meet to elect the new Program Director and substitute Sr. Pauline. Board members agreed to nominate Sr. Shanti as new Chief Coordinator and welcomed Sr. Sheeba as new Accounting Officer.

Paul Maipan, Bishop of Khammam, and Arbor Switzerland have accepted Board decision and welcomed the new staff. 

Moreover Arbor wants to thank Sr Pauline for her commitment, time and efforts. Arbor family wishes her all the best for her new assignment. Also Arbor acknowledges and thanks Sr. Manju for last months work and welcomes her in her new task of Field Coordinator.