FOOD RELIEF PROGRAM 2021: conclusion

 5th of June 2021, Khammam. The food emergency program ended last week after covering 8 villages in the Khammam and Badhradhri Kothagudem districts. 400 families received our parcels. 

On Monday 14th of June our local staff went to Eddula Bayyaram area, a heavily affected tribal area. Many  selected families were in quarantine, so food packages were left on the houses doorsteps, thus avoiding any risk of contagion for our operators.

On Thursday 17th of June it was Madhira turn, a village few kilometres south Khammam, also heavily affected. On Wednesday 23rd, our staff went to Wyra, also located in Khammam district, while on Thursday 24th of June the distribution moved to Enkoor area.

In the end, on 25th and 26th of June, our staff covered the areas of Bonakal and Aswapuram where, in addition to families in quarantine, particular attention had been paid to people with disabilities.

We conclude with a positive note since on 23rd of June Telangana State has suspended the lockdown. The epidemic situation is improving everywhere: people is starting to return to normal life. Although schools keep close with only online classes, coolie workers have returned to the fields as well as shops and offices returned to their usual activities.