Karunagiri, Naidupet March 6th 2012: more than 2500 women gathered together to meet and celebrate the Arbor women annual convention.
The program has been divided into 3 days corresponding to 3 macro areas of the running Arbor Federation. The first convention was held in Warangal on Feb 29th for the centres of Mariapuram, Pasara, Mulug and Nemmickal; the second at Karunagiri, Naidupet for the centres of Naidupet, Budidampadu, Karepally, Mudigonda, Enkur, Thimmaraopet,  Wyra, Yerrupalem and Madhira. The third convention will be on March 9th at Manuguru for the centres of Manuguru, Sarapaka, Sakkinaveedu and E. Bayyaram. More than 350 villages has been involved in these huge conventions organized by women and for women. A great chance to evaluate and discuss together about the progress of the village programs and all the different activities carried on.
Members of the National Assembly, Congress representatives, President of the Mahilas Sangham and the Indian Overseas Bank Naidupet Manager where present and shared this moment, they gave their valuable speeches and messages to congratulate and motivate the women in their effort to change the society and to make India a better nation. A great community awareness opportunity and many programs organized by the villages and by women spontaneously took place and a joyful feast animated Karunagiri for more than 5 hours.