Naidupet, Khammam February 2012: the ayurvedic program established in 2009 has started the process to become an independent self employment program. The new project manager Jose Thelikayil together with doctor P. Anish from Kerala will be in charge of the new activities.
The action plan includes opening of a new public dispensary in Khammam, the increasing of the ayurvedic productions from bio plants, enlarging the Naidupet ayurvedic garden and plantation, empowerment of the production plant and starting of larger scale treatments for a wider range of target groups. The downtrodden villagers will receive ayurvedic assistance at a symbolic rate. Wealthy customers will get the chance to receive quality treatments at a right price. All incomes will be used for the payment of the program for the poor villages.

More details on cooperative program http://www.arborindia.org/p/sanitation-programs.html