COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE: second distribution

May 28th 2020 Naidupeta. Second food distribution was organized and lead by Arbor coordinator and animator in the village of Prathipadu, Naidupeta area. Fifty families received a food package containing 5kg of rice, 1 kg of dhal and 1kg of cooking oil.
Arbor emergency project will cover other four areas (Sarapaka, Sakinaveedu, Mudigonda and Enkoor).
Unlock Phase I starts with the 1st of June bringing hope, freedom of movement and opportunities of work despite the economical crisis that this country, as many other in the world, is facing. International flights, political, social, cultural gathering, the use of metro line and all cultural and recreational centres (i.e. theatres, cinemas, arenas...) are still interdicted.