WE ARE ONE: Arbor staff keep supporting the villages

May 26th 2020 Budidampadu. Situation in India is still critical: the lockdown imposed by the Government on March 18th is still in force. For most of rural people this means the impossibility to work and gain enough to maintain their families. The situation is made more complicated by the summer season, which is being very hot and is causing water scarcity in some areas.
Arbor India, in cooperation with Arbor Switzerland and after an accurate and meticulous evaluation of the situations occurring in their villages, planed its intervention: supporting around 300 families in 6 different villages through food package distribution.
First distribution took place today in Budidampadu area. Fifty families received 5kg of rice, 1kg of dhal and 1kg of cooking oil each.
In the next days deliveries will be also organized in Sarapaka, Sakinaveedu, Mudigonda, Enkoor and Naidupeta areas.
Distribution are organized in accordance with governmental rules and following the specific guide elaborated by Wold Food Program: “Recommended actions for food distribution in the context of COVID-19”.

Arbor is aware of the littleness of its action, but it strongly believes in his motto “we are one”, that means Arbor does whatever it can be done with a reinforced commitment and dedication.