14 of April 2020, Khammam. The current situation in India is complicated, as in the rest of the world. The lockdown imposed in 25th of March as been prolonged until 3rd of May with consideralble troubles for the rural and the poorest part of the population, unable to count on a fix salary which give them stability and certainty to have the necessary resources to purchase essential goods in this period. Arbor India, complying with the new regulation set by the Government, froze microcredit program and suspended the meetings. 
Nevertheless, our staff based in Khammam decided to act and to support practically the fight against COVID-19. Central administrative staff, together with some coordinators and animators, in respectancy of the current rules of isolation, started sewing up fabric masks which are being distributed freely to the people. 
Arbor Foundation is also studying new activities and exceptional measures to help our women in facing this hard moment and to deal with the post-crisis period.